Back in May when I was visiting my friend Gaby in Madrid, I ended up having a few extra days of holiday so I got a last minute flight to Bangkok, Thailand. Over the five days I was there, I was able to use Strava to keep track of where I was wondering. I had a little free time recently so in an effort to improve my QGIS skills, I made a map using the GPX files.

The GPS data was downloaded from my Strava account and imported into QGIS as a CSV layer. The image on top uses the OpenStreetMaps shapefile data. The map below features the Google Maps layer. I included both versions since the lack of satellite imagery seems to obscure the scale of the city.

Overall, I was able to cover 35.6 miles on foot over the span of 4 days. Midweek, I rented a bike for the entire day to explore the farmland and canals at the outer regions of the city. Because I was biking at a fairly slow pace with frequent stops, I only covered 23.1 miles.