Mapping the White Castle/Krystal Divide

Ahh White Castle. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this place since college. Sometimes after a solid night of pillaging and conquering, nothing satisfies your hunger like those little square, steamed devil burgers. Give me a ten sack and life is good. Add in some tots and a side of ranch? Game over. Good night. As for Krystal, I had it once on the way to Panama for Spring Break. It was alright… And that’s the end of that story. Anyway, I always had this vague idea that White Castle was only in the north and Krystal were in the south so I decided to map it out.

Looks like my initial assumption was fairly correct. Krystal does seem to be the southern alternative to White Castle.


The White Castle and Krystal locations were scrapped off Google Maps using a Python script I wrote and dumped into an SQL database. This resulted in 354 Krystal locations and 405 White Castle locations. From here, I imported the latitude/longitude locations into QGIS as a CSV layer along with the county level base map from the U.S. Census. I then created the voronoi and finished the map in Photoshop. If you’re wondering why their are two different shades of blue and yellow it’s because the states that actually include a White Castle/Krystal restaurant are the lighter shade. The darker shade of blue/yellow are reserved for states that are merely within a White Castle/Krystal region but don’t actually include a White Castle/Krystal restaurant. There is a single White Castle in Las Vegas, hence Nevada’s lighter shade of blue.